Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Klang | Family Life
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The role of this ministry is to foster strong family relationships between all members in the family; relationship between spouses, parents & children, among siblings and even that of grandparents. One of the programs under the Family Life Ministry is a weekend retreat called Marriage Encounter. This Archdiocesan weekend retreat/program is tailored to assist couples to live fully intimate and responsible relationships by providing them with a catholic experience. It is an invitation for couples to take time out of their hectic work and parenting schedules and to relive the matrimonial sacrament. It is a time for the couple to focus on each other and on their relationship and re-ignite the flame of Christ in their marriage.


If you would like to be a part of a bigger family, please contact:


Noel Nathan & Sharon See

019 – 283 5316



Marriage is perhaps one of the biggest step most people will take in life. It calls for serious preparation. Many negative phenomenon’s in family life are derived from the fact that, in the new situations, young people not only lose sight of the priority in values (sanctity of marriage, sacredness of life), many also do not know how to face and deal with the new difficulties. But experience teaches that young people who have been well prepared for family life generally succeed better than others. Therefore, the Catholic Church has made the CMPC compulsory for young couples intending to get married. In view of the above it is a requirement of our parish, that all young couples inform and register with the church one year before their marriage.


If you are taking the next step in your relationship, please contact:


CMPC English Section

Andrew Leong              019 – 3333515  andrewfcleong@gmail.com

Klarissa Leong              019 – 3333523  klarissa.leong@gmail.com


CMPC Tamil Section

John Kattayan               019 – 381 6124 jokatt0309@hotmail.com


CMPC Bahasa Section

Jacqueline Yew             016 – 9664758


This Ministry is all about connecting youth in the parish to journey together in faith and spirituality. Activities organized to bring parishioners who are between the age of 18 – 25 are designed to assist individuals to grow in their faith journey. The goal is to help youth develop their core skills in the faith, to involve faith in their everyday lives and to share their faith with the world.


If you want to join us for faith, food, fellowship and fun, please contact:


Edwin Sawarimuthu

011 -16213343



These “Silver Surfers”are an over 55 age-group who love spending time together. Growing older can be a time for growth and fun. It was established to assist seniors spiritually, physically and emotionally with organized events like fellowship dinner, animated masses and other special outings. Too often, older people have existed at the margins of society. Their physical and mental limitations and loss of social networks, coupled with society’s emphasis on youth, have often made older people invisible.There is a greater need now than before to see the elderly keeping themselves occupied and giving them an opportunity to contribute to the church and society at large. This group of people are to be appreciated and recognized for their contributions and services to family, church and society at large. This group consists of individuals of 55 years of age and above. Activities are mainly centered on aspects of health, both spiritual and physical.


If you are surfing past the age of 55 and want to join the coolest club in church, please contact:


Chacko Daniel

019 – 2820901