Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Klang | Mission Concerns
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The Parish Integral Human Development Ministry is dedicated to works of mercy, charity and catering to the basic human needs of food, shelter, health care and education of the marginalized. Legal assistance and counselling is also provided to those in need. A part of the PIHDM’s efforts to aid the marginalized is to assist with the collection of necessities like food, clothing etc. Besides that, the ministry along with the Tzu Chi organization has been holding free medical clinics each month, to benefit the refugees. Pope Paul II once said that “The parish must be a HOME to everyone,” and therefore we have amazing communities like the Filipino El Shadai Community and Vietnamese, Myanmarese, Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Nigerian communities. All together as ONE.


If you would like to contribute and cater to the marginalized, please contact:

Charlie Goh

013 – 3406675



The Women’s Desk was an initiative by the Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre through the

Archdiocesan Ministry of Integral Human Development way back in 2012 in its call for ‘women to empower women’. It was primarily formed to assist the Parish Integral Human Development Ministry (PIHDM) As an extension of their mission to aid the poor, the Ave Maria Soup Kitchen was inaugurated by Rev Fr Frederick Joseph on 8 September 2016.The team of approximately 25 volunteers feed the less fortunate and underprivileged in Klang, twice a week.


If you wish to donate, sponsor or commemorate a special event by feeding the poor, kindly contact,

Betty Kandavanam

016 – 3236327


The Social Communications Ministry is the official media affairs group tasked to maximize the various blessings of mass media for the Church’s cause for evangelization and information dissemination to the faithful that would aid them in their spirituality as active members of the Church. The ministry envisions itself as the hub and heart of information from where the clergy, religious and the faithful find common ground in finding relevant and updated news and information about the Church, as well as rejuvenating and reinvigorating ways of communications in and out of the local Church using the available tools and technology.


If you have a passion for digital proclamation and evangelization, please contact:


Alexzander Johnson

017 – 6900117



The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP) is an international Catholic lay organization founded by Frederick Ozanam in 1833 to promote Spirituality amongst its members. The fruits of their spirituality are seen by their promotion of human dignity and welfare through their service-oriented works,namely, their works of mercy and charity.  The SVP home was inaugurated to give underprivileged children tender, loving care and shelter.


If you would like to be a Vincentian, please contact:

Mr. V.K Robert

016 – 6236207


The Parish Ministry of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs (PMEIA) was established at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Klang on May, 2015. This ministry oversees public talks and forums, inter-faith dialogues and joint celebrations of people of all faiths and other religious traditions. They have also collaborated with other Christian communities on ecumenical celebrations with group study and dialogue sessions. The Ministry frequents other places of worship during festive seasons and special events.


If you would like to learn more about this Ministry, you may contact,


Mr. Mathew Alexander