Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Klang | Vocations
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A vocation is an initiative of love from the heart of God.  He calls in a gentle and loving way and invites us to respond in freedom. Discerning a vocation to the priesthood or sisterhood takes time, prayer, reflection, patience and attentiveness to God’s action –  undertaken with the assistance of others.  It also takes courage to respond to the interior movements of the Holy Spirit. Could God be calling you to be a priest or a nun?  Explore below the signs of a calling to the priesthood and sisterhood, some of the challenges of responding to a call, and the joys priests and nuns experience in their vocation.

10 Signs of A Calling to Serve

These signs apply to all vocations! Are any of these things true in your case?

  • I have a love for God, a desire to know Him intimately and serve Him with the gifts I’ve been given.
  • I love my neighbours, care for their well-being and want them to know God in the same way I do.
  • I feel unworthy of being called and genuinely humbled by being called.
  • I am willing to serve God and am open to His plans for my life.
  • I want to live out the word of God in my life; I want to be a saint!
  • I want to attend Mass regularly and receive nourishment from the Eucharist.
  • I know priests / nuns whom I admire and look up to.
  • I have a generous heart and a willingness to make sacrifices to give glory to God.
  • I have a compassion for those in need and a desire for justice.
  • I have been given the gifts of intelligence and a sound mind.

7 Signs of A Calling to The Priesthood/Sisterhood

  • I wish to give myself completely to God. I want to exclusively identify myself with Christ and His Church.
  • I want to contemplate the Word of God and share it with others through preaching and teaching.
  • I feel a certain sense of attraction to the priesthood or the religious community.  Sometimes I imagine myself being a priest / nun, preaching and helping those in need.
  • Thoughts of the priesthood / sisterhood have remained with me over a period of time.
  • I have a love for prayer and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.
  • I experience a sense of joy and peace deep in my heart when I think about being a priest / nun.
  • I simply want to love like Jesus Christ.

Noticed Any of These Signs?

Take some time to reflect on these points. If you find that any of these signs are resonating with you, then don’t ignore them! Share your thoughts and feelings with God and ask Him for the courage to take action.  You may also find that when you think about a vocation to the priesthood or sisterhood, your first reaction is one of fear or resistance. This is a very common response among young men / women who are searching, and it does not mean you are not called to be a priest / nun. See the section below on the joys of responding to the call ofChrist to serve His kingdom.

Sons of OLL


Fr. Amalanathan Adaikalasamy

07 December 1968




Fr. Stanislaus Soosaimariam

02 July 1990




Fr. Mitchel Anthony

18 July 1994




Fr. Simon Labrooy

06 July 1998




Fr. Frederick Joseph

31 August 2000




Fr. David Reegon, OFM

31 August 2000




Fr. George Pakiasamy

12 February 2003




Fr. David Arulnatham

16 January 2012




Fr. Peter Anthoney

24 January 2013




Fr. Vincent Thomas

1st May 2017




Fr. Bonaventure Rayappan

27th February 2021

Daughters of OLL


Jane Koh, FMM

12 September 1962




Getrude Regina Mary, IJS

21 January 1963




Marie Michelle Lopez, RGS

16 December 1979




Rosalind Arokiasamy, IJS

13 June 2009




Amy Swaminathan, IJS

12 September 2016